Publix getting even stricter on couponers?

Publix getting even stricter on couponers?

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Is it possible Publix is getting even stricter on couponers? I went in today, and all my Winn Dixie coupons were questioned by the cashier:

Cashier: “Can I take all these?” (6) They were for different products.

Front End Coordinator ( Do they still call them that?) “Sure, why not?”

Cashier: “Well, there is 6 of them, the limit is 8, right?”

Front End Coordinator: “Yes, the limit on any coupon of the same item is 8, but there are only 6 here, and they are different.”

Cashier: “Ok…….”

Now mind you, I follow whatever policy is put into place and try not to push the envelope for just this reason. I don’t want to be “The One”. You know, the one they all groan at, and talk about in the breakroom. This cashier, who is always nice, had that “we just had a meeting look” on her face.

Meanwhile, the lady behind me was getting antsy. ” Is that your last stack, or should I move”? Well, I guess that is up to you now, isn’t it?

I was also told by another fellow couponer/Publix employee, that if you receive a Publix gift card, you cannot use it in the next order anymore or even on the same day. I am not too worried about this, as I don’t coupon enough anymore to receive a gift card.

How about you? Is Publix getting stricter, in words or attitude? Does this change the way you coupon?

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  1. Dana,
    I do not have a public in my area but I am commenting here on the attitude and the feelings toward couponing and couponers in general. I have always couponed, looked for sales, bought in bulk, asked for discounts, and price and store compared. I have never been embarrassed by it. I have worked hard for the little money I have and want to make that stretch to take care of my family. I did all this before any TLC series was even thought of being aired. I also do not worry about a chain store going out of business or manufacturer having to eat a lower grade caviar because I maxed my savings using the coupons they generated or agreed to accept. As I stated in a previous post store and manufacturer mark ups are designed so that they hardly lose anything even by theft. Having said all that, those shows have ruined couponing for the most. They not only showed some get over tactics but they increased the average persons desire to get a thousand dollars in groceries for pennies. That also spurred the counterfeiters to start up. All of this not only started the stores to scrutinize each coupon but develop stricter acceptance policies. They take errors out of minimum wage employees checks and make it seem like a cashier has no commen sense when they ask about each coupon. The people behind me who used to congratulate me on my $100.00 for $20.00 now roll their eyes and huff and mumble (even when I tell them I have a lot of coupons when they come up behind me). So we as couponers are not frugal shoppers that are smiled at and even cheered anymore. We are “Those People”. The ones that try to get over on everyone. The ones that make employees work harder than they should have to work. The ones that the stores have to make up rules for and watch us like shoplifters. Most of all we are the ones holding the line (Them) up. I’m here to say right now …. TOUGH! I have a family of six. I’m retired military and a SAHD. My 3 boys are bottomless pits and my daughter can match them bite for bite on occasion. So I need to stretch my dollar and I will take the time to make sure that my valid coupons are considered and used. So if any of you in the Ohio Valley area see a fat bald guy in the line ahead of you look in his hand. If you see a fist full of coupons get a snack or get in another line cause he’ll be there awhile.

    1. Paul,

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. I am also not ashamed of my coupons, or using them in the way they are intended.

      What stores do you have in Ohio Valley? I used to work at Wegman’s in NY, and I do miss their Shopper’s Club card, which was similar to Winn Dixie’s loyalty card.

  2. The most common in this area is Kroger but they are slowly getting run out of business by Walmart supercenters. The ones surviving usually have an angle like a Starbucks counter in store. Next is Save A Lot. They take coupons but have limited brand names and less fair pricing on those brand names. Aldi’s is by far my biggest grocery buys. They don’t take coupons but their generic is less expensive on most items and meat and produce is definitely a better buy in most cases. Then of course there is walmart. I don’t do a lot of grocery shopping there unless it’s with coupons or when I have overages on non grocery coupons. I do cruise the meat case for the mark down eat or freeze buys. Walmart also has a new generic aside from their Great Value brand on food and other items called Price First. Some of those prices beat the generics at the other stores I mentioned. It was time consuming but I put together a 4 column chart with line items of all the stuff we buy on a monthly basis. The columns are aldi, save a lot, Walmart, and price first. Then took just a clipboard and pen for a shopping trip to all 3 stores and wrote down regular prices. Now when I shop I make a list for each store depending on best price, coupons, and sales.

    1. We have an Aldi here as well, but I have not went in yet. I need to, because as you have said, I heard the generics and produce are so much cheaper. I refuse to shop at WalMart with coupons. I am pretty loyal to Publix.

  3. Don’t hesitate the next time you need groceries to go to Aldi. Just some tips for the first time Aldi shopper. Have a quarter. Their carts are linked one to another by short chains that release with a quarter. When you are through you push the cart back into the stack take the short chain from the cart in front of yours and release the quarter. This is one way they pass on savings as they don’t have to pay an employee to wrangle carts. Their personnel do everything from cashiering to inventory to restocking. No specialty jobs. Also they do not bag groceries. The ring them and slide them into carts. This saves them even more to keep prices low. They do have paper bags for sale at the register and some one or two time use plastic bags for cold stuff. I’ve not bought them though. They always have large product boxes that they haven’t gotten cleared off the shelves that they are happy if you take. I generally bring large plastic totes and coolers that I just fill when I get my cart back to the car. Don’t be scared by the long lines either. Because if the no bagging they zip through even the largest orders. The do not take credit cards and I’ve never seen checks written. The do take ATM cards so if your credit card has a pin it will run. They also accept EBT but let them know before you swipe your card as they have to push a button so the machine doesn’t try it as a debit card. Please let me know how you felt after returning from your first trip to Oz Dorothy er I mean Dana.

    1. Thank you, Paul for all the good tips! We will certainly have to “follow the yellow brick road” 😉

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