JCPenney Coupon – $10 Off $10 Purchase

JCPenney Coupon – $10 Off $10 Purchase

JCPenney Coupons

$10 off $10 Purchase at JCPenney!

Check your mailboxes for this baby! One thing I must say I love about couponing, is it changes the way you see things. For example, before I started couponing, I would take this coupon to JCPenney and use it to blow $100! Hey, I saved $10, right? Now, I see this as a free gift. Sorry, JCPenney, but I see this as a birthday gift, Christmas stocking stuffer or badly needed socks. I will take this coupon and spend $10 and tax, and leave the store. These kind of coupons help me get through Christmas, or that last minute, “hey, mom – it’s so and so’s birthday, I need a gift!” I know this is not what JCPenney intended, but it’s how real people make ends meet.

Speaking of real people making ends meet, look for my other blog very soon,  where we talk about exactly that and more. Real people making ends meet in creative ways. Join us, we are the other 99%.

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